The University of Tartu and University College London Business signed a memorandum of understanding

On 11 October 2013, the Vice-Rector for Development of the University of Tartu Erik Puura and the Executive Director of the University College London Business (UCLB) Cengiz Tarhan signed a memorandum of understanding, one of the aims is to develop common activities in the field of intellectual property protection and commercialisation of the universities and to promote cooperation in the field of research.                       

"For the University of Tartu, networking with the innovation system of one of the strongest universities in Europe creates, above all, additional possibilities for the analysis of the intellectual property created in the university and finding business opportunities," said Vice-Rector for Development Erik Puura and added: "The memorandum of understanding also creates a possibility for activating science cooperation, including mutual experts trainings and business studies development on international level."

According to Puura, the very first specific ideas were developed with the Executive Director of the UCLB Cengiz Tarhan right after signing the memorandum, for instance, introducing Estonian science achievements and developing companies in London, scientific subject based networking events for scientists and the development of trans-European network of innovation centres. "The priority is to develop the translational medicine centre of the University of Tartu which already has cooperation connections with the scientists of UCL," said Puura.

UCL Business is a part of University College London, which is a leading science university in England. UCL Business supports the development and commercialisation of new technologies created in UCL, so that industries as well as companies would benefit the most from the innovation of UCL.

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