University of Tartu has announced admission decisions

On Monday the University of Tartu sent admission decisions to 2,850 people who had applied for Estonian-taught programmes of the first level of higher education. Now they have to confirm acceptance of the student place within two days, i.e. no later than Wednesday, 17 July. Student places that remain vacant will be filled on a rolling basis until 19 August and those who get the admission decision will also need to confirm it within two days.

Before this week 1,384 people had already secured a student place at the University of Tartu for meeting the threshold score. Among others who could be sure of getting a place at the university were the 634 applicants who met certain special admission requirements: for example, had passed the academic aptitude test in spring with a score of 65 points or higher, or achieved an excellent result in a national or international Olympiad. This year admission decisions were also sent to 642 persons who graduated from the upper secondary school with a medal.

Vice Rector for Academic Affairs Aune Valk congratulates all new students and thanks them for choosing the University of Tartu. “Relying on the opinions of former students I dare say you will not regret this choice,” said Valk. “You have taken a step that will affect you for the rest of your lives; even after graduation the university and the city of Tartu will always be with you.”

The vice rector for academic affairs pointed out that the new students would start their studies in a special year. “It is the year of the 100th anniversary of the Estonian-language university and this is why we hold the opening ceremony of the academic year at Kassitoome valley,” Valk said about the opening event.

Head of Student Admissions Tuuli Kaldma asks applicants not to forget to confirm their student places. “If a person who has received the admission decision does not confirm acceptance of the student place by the prescribed date, we will offer the place to the next applicant in the ranking list,” she explained.

Admission decisions for master’s and doctoral studies have been made on a rolling basis. Currently 1,102 persons have received the decision and 813 of them have confirmed.

At the beginning of September those who have confirmed their place will be matriculated as students at the University of Tartu and they are welcome to attend the opening ceremony of the academic year at Kassitoome on 2 September.

The first level of higher education includes bachelor’s studies, professional higher education studies, and integrated bachelor’s and master’s studies. The second level of higher education is master’s studies and the third level is doctoral studies.

Further information: Tuuli Kaldma, UT Head of Student Admissions, 737 6391,