University of Tartu Museum’s annual exhibition “Glory of the Cathedral” focuses on special and luxurious finds

The new annual exhibition “Glory of the Cathedral” will be opened in the Treasury of the University of Tartu Museum on 12 April 2017. The exhibition focuses on the most magnificent cathedral in Old Livonia and its archaeological heritage.

“What makes the exhibition unique are the skeletons found in the cathedral, which give insight into the habits and problems of high clerics and noblemen. Special emphasis is laid on golden fabric and silk, the most valuable textiles in the Middle Ages,” curator of the exhibition Kerttu Palginõmm points out. As one of the star exhibits a 15-century brooch is displayed, originating from the treasures of Tallinn magistracy and serving as an evidence of valuable jewellery art reaching Livonia. The exhibited items are mainly from the collections of Tartu and Tallinn City Museums and will be on display until 14 January 2018.

The exhibition shows the latest information on the cathedral available to archaeologists, historians and art historians, and involves the Crazy Scientist’s special morning science experiment programmes for the entire family.

On 15 April, the Crazy Scientist’s Saturday morning programme hosts archaeologists and DNA researchers of the University of Tartu. You will see real skeletons and learn how genetics and archaeology can help us study people of the past.

On 20 April, jeweller Indrek Ikkonen takes part in the Crazy Scientist’s morning programme and introduces medieval jewellery techniques and details. Participants can admire beautiful jewellery and listen to the jeweller speak about precious stones and materials and their meaning in the Middle Ages.

Exhibition team: Kerttu Palginõmm, Martin Malve, Riina Rammo, Madis Maasing, Kristiina Tambets, Lehti Saag, Kaur Alttoa, Krista Anderson, Tiina Vint, Mairo Rääsk, Martin Eelma, Tanel Nõmmik, Henry Narits. 

The exhibition was supported by Cultural Endowment, city of Tartu and TAVA16 Tartu in Light.

Additional information: Kerttu Palginõmm, Curator, +372 5836 9444,

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