University of Tartu researchers won the Golden Apple award for smart solutions

Researchers of the University of Tartu won the first prize for the best smart solution in education in the Golden Apple 2016 competition organised by Archimedes Foundation, for UT’s science-promoting Instagram account.

According to Eero Loonurm, head of communications of Archimedes Foundation, a number of interesting solutions were presented to this year’s competition, starting from digitalisation of school life and using channels of social media, to smart techniques for admission campaigns. “The smart solution of the University of Tartu was outstanding in the opinion of all the jury members. It was wonderful that the University of Tartu took a completely conscious approach to the Instagram channel and created an environment for introducing research work. It is also positive that the results of the smart solution are shared with everyone immediately – everyone can keep in touch with research activities in Tartu,” Loonurm explained the background to the victory of the popular-scientific Instagram account.

The aim of the UT researchers’ Instagram account is to introduce scientists’ work to a wider target group. Those interested can follow the researchers’ daily work and see what exciting discoveries are made these days and what experiments are performed by specialists of different fields. Photos of research work are posted by 14 scientists from different areas and next year the number of researchers sharing their activities will grow. In this way, information about research activities will also reach to those interested parties who have never had any contact with that specific area of research before.

An Instagram account is a convenient channel of communication and regularly used by young people, and now it also offers a possibility to have direct contact with scientists. The researchers’ Instagram account has been active since May 2016. In half a year, 1265 people have started following this account.

Leader of the project Kaija Pook is happy that the presentation of research activities in social media has turned out to be so popular, “The photos and videos posted on Instagram show what interesting things UT scientists do. I am pleased that through social media we can introduce the work they do behind the scenes to a much wider audience. First of all, we want to inspire young people’s interest in science, because they are the most active Instagram users. The fact that the account has been so warmly received in only half a year means that scientific content matters to people.“

Golden Apple 2016 is a competition that evaluates the creative approach of Estonia’s educational institutions in the categories of design, video and smart solutions. Last year the University of Tartu won the first prize in the category of educational videos for a series of alumni videos.

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