The University of Tartu signed an IT collaboration agreement with PerkinElmer

The University of Tartu Institute of Computer Science and PerkinElmer, Inc., a global leader committed to innovating for a healthier world, have entered into a scientific cooperation agreement.  The aim of this collaboration is to investigate the possibilities of developing methods of machine learning in order to create systematic analysis tools for microscopic images of cells used in scientific research.

Jaak Vilo, Head of the Department of Computer Science at the university, explained that until now, the creation of specific algorithms for analyzing images from microscopes have been developed using mathematical models and programs written by humans. "In the framework of our initial cooperation, we will study how to implement the methods of machine learning for analyzing data generated by PerkinElmer’s Opera Phenix™ - High Content Screening System‎. The recent profound AI technology that trains the artificial neural network using examples, significantly reduces the effort of writing new algorithms," said Vilo.

High content screening systems are automated fluorescent microscopes that can capture tens of thousands of images a day, each with thousands of cells in turn. A person can read the images of such cells, for example, one can see the presence of cancer cells or the effect of a drug used, but millions of cells cannot be reviewed individually. According to senior researcher Leopold Parts, access to high-quality data from PerkinElmer and long-term experience in the competence of computer scientists at the University of Tartu make a unique combination. "Applying methods based on artificial nerve networks in bio, health and neurosciences provides the best way to understand image data faster and more accurately," Parts said.

The project is led by Senior Researcher of Bioinformatics Leopold Parts and Professor of Data Science Raul Vicente and involved in coordination Jaak Vilo, Professor of Bioinformatics. An important aspect of cooperation agreement is the inclusion of doctoral and postgraduate students.

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