University of Tartu’s most entrepreneurial researchers are Tambet Teesalu and Toomas Saat

At the Demo Day, the University of Tartu recognised researchers who have made a great contribution to the development of enterprising university. The title of entrepreneurial researcher was awarded to Visiting Professor of the Cancer Biology Research Group Tambet Teesalu and Professor of Ichtyology and Fisheries of the Estonian Marine Institute Toomas Saat.

Head of UT Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation Kristel Reim says the awardees were selected according to the amount of business contracts brought to the university last year. “The University of Tartu has set a strategic objective to be an enterprising university,” said Reim. “Our researchers and students work hard to make Estonia’s economy smarter, producing higher added value. This is why we want to recognise researchers who have made a particularly great contribution to fulfilling the goals of the university.”

Professor Tambet Teesalu works actively on developing an anticancer drug and has cooperated efficiently with businesses for that purpose. Professor Toomas Saat has entered into contracts related with environmental studies.

Further information:
Aitel Käpp
Head of Marketing and Communication
UT Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation
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