UT International Summer University programmes attract learners from nearly 30 countries

Since 1998, the International Summer University of the University of Tartu has introduced higher education and research in Estonia, incl. study opportunities at the University of Tartu, to participants from all over the world.

“This year, the aim of the summer university is to offer unique programmes in the fields of social sciences and humanities, focusing on Estonia and the Baltic Sea area, as well as courses introducing the Estonian language and culture, to the international audience. This summer we conduct ten programmes in which participants learn about the semiotics of culture, relations between the European Union and Russia, and security in the Baltic Sea region, as well as study Estonian,” says Senior Specialist for UT International Summer University Laura Roop to introduce the programme.

Programmes of the 2017 summer university bring learners to Estonia from Europe, America and Asia, incl. South Korea, Jordan, Japan, USA, Russia, Germany, China, United Kingdom, Finland, Latvia, etc. Studies take place in Tartu, Tallinn and Pärnu, but also abroad, because cooperation programmes with other universities take the participants to Utrecht and Riga.

UT International Summer University takes place from the beginning of July to the end of August. The season opens on Monday, 3 July, with the course “After the Empire”, which introduces developments in Eastern European countries after the collapse of the Soviet Union, and the traditional summer school in semiotics “Juri Lotman and the Culture of Semiotics”.

Summer university programmes dealing mainly with the heritage of the Soviet Union and its challenges in the arena of present-day international relations, can be combined. Learners can choose the duration, location and topics of the summer university. For participants from other countries, the event gives an excellent opportunity to experience and live in different cities and countries during several weeks.

Higher education in Estonia is introduced to international students with the help of grants of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Archimedes Foundation. With support from the ministry’s Development Cooperation programme, 19 students from Georgia, Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova are given the opportunity to participate in the summer university programmes. The national grant programme for students, researchers and academic staff of foreign countries, coordinated by Archimedes Foundation, supports the participation of six students in Estonian language courses and in studies of cultural semiotics and European Union-Russia relations.

In summer also several other international programmes take place in the university, organised by UT faculties. To see the programmes, please visit the International Summer University homepage www.isu.ut.ee.

Additional information: Laura Roop, Senior Specialist for UT International Summer University, 5349 0995, laura.roop [ät] ut.ee

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