UT plans to take Estonia’s startups to the next level

The biggest early-stage business festival in the Baltics, the Startup Day is held in the University of Tartu Sports Hall on 23–25 January 2019. The University of Tartu focuses on the topics related to the development of research-intensive startups at the festival. The UT programme is titled “Science to Business”.

The programme of the University of Tartu combines science and business. “We aim to help link the university’s top-class science with business and society, to inspire people to launch enterprises, to support the innovative ideas and projects of research-intensive startups and spin-offs in cooperation with partner universities,” said Erik Puura, Vice Rector for Development of the University of Tartu. “The long term goal of the partnership is international cooperation to enhance the survival and ensure the success of science-based companies,” Puura added.

The events of the “Science to Business” programme take place on 24 and 25 January. The programme offers presentations by experts and seminars on the role of universities in the development of science- and technology-based startups. The programme of the University of Tartu focuses specifically on starting a research-intensive business and the choices and challenges it entails.

On 25 January, the “Science to Business” discussions are held on the Spotlight stage.

From 12.45 to 13:25, a panel of experts talk about the challenges and opportunities of turning a science project into business. They also discuss whether universities should push their spin-offs to business.

The speakers include:

  • Ben Miles, CEO of Spin Up Science Bristol (United Kingdom),
  • Erik Puura, Vice Rector for Development of the University of Tartu,
  • Mikko Pohjola, Collaboration Manager at the University of Turku (Finland),
  • Luke Robinson, Director of Post Urban Ventures (United Kingdom).

The panel is moderated by Lars Jonsson, representative of the Uppsala University Holding Company of Sweden.    

Students, researchers and young entrepreneurs of the University of Tartu present new exciting business ideas on the University of Tartu pitching stage on 24–25 January.

The Startup Day festival results from the cooperation of various organisations of Tartu. The festival is organised by Startup Day MTÜ, the University of Tartu, the City Government of Tartu, Startup Estonia and the startup community of Tartu.

For more information and tickets please visit the Startup Day website.

Further information:

Erik Puura, Vice Rector for Development of the University of Tartu, 506 9882, erik.puura@ut.ee
Aivar Pere, Entrepreneurship Adviser of the University of Tartu, 515 8498, aivar.pere@ut.ee