Andrea Rotenberg

Vlada McCormick (Uzbekistan)

PROGRAMME: Master's in European Languages and Cultures

Why did you choose to study this programme?

When I started learning about the potential programmes, I concluded that this particular one would be a logical continuation of my human sciences background. It is not stuck on philology only, but rather incorporates interdisciplinary elements, allowing one to explore connections between language, culture, history, politics, and more. Thus, this programme offers a modern and practical-oriented view of the humanities in general. I was also considering my choice from the point of view of furthering my career. This programme embraces many fields, which in turn broadens the potential choice of career paths. Thus, students can choose an appropriate direction, whether it's education, international business, event management, linguistics, cultural institutes, or translation.

Why Estonia?

Here's my previous university and teachers to "blame" for my decision to come here, because they spoke extremely well of both the humanities and the university as a whole. I couldn't help but become "infected" by their enthusiasm, especially when it concerned stories about Juri Lotman, who is a prominent figure for students of humanities and who also worked at the University of Tartu. That's why I knew about the existence of the University of Tartu since the 1st year of my bachelor's degree, and later I decided to explore what it could offer for obtaining a master’s degree. I was also attracted by the look of the city and its structure as a proper student town. So, if you want to know what it is like to live between Dead Poets Society and Monsters University, you are definitely welcome, because in Tartu you can find places of these two great representations of the student environment.