Laboratory of Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences

Heikki Junninen
Head of Laboratory, Professor in Environmental Physics
PhD (Physics)
+372 737 4774
W.Ostwaldi 1-D505
Kuno Kooser
Associate Professor in Ion and Electron Spectroscopy
PhD (Solid State Physics)
W.Ostwaldi 1 D516
Urmas Hõrrak
Associate Professor in Aerosol Physics
PhD (Environmental Physics)
+372 737 5857
W. Ostwaldi 1-D502
Aare Luts
Research Fellow in Mathematical Modelling
PhD (Environmental Physics)
+372 737 5552
W.Ostwaldi 1-D504
Marko Vana
Research Fellow in Aerosol Physics
PhD (Environmental Physics)
+372 737 5555
W.Ostwaldi 1-D507
Siiri Salupere
Research Fellow in Radiation Protection 0.5 p
PhD (Environmental Technology)
+372 5341 0793
W. Ostwaldi 1-D 509
Anzori Heorhadze
Research Fellow in Cosmic Ray Tomography
cand (Physical and Mathematical Sciences)
+372 737 4780
W. Ostwaldi 1, D-509
Sander Mirme
Research Fellow in Aerosol Physics 0.9 p
PhD (Environmental Physics)
+372 737 5557
W.Ostwaldi 1-D503
Volodymyr Gulik
Research Fellow in Materials Science 0.3 p
W. Ostwaldi 1 D509
Terje Tammekivi
Junior Reseach Fellow in Physics 0.6 p
MSc (Industrial Ecology)
W.Ostwaldi 1-D515
Madis Noppel
Specialist of Aerosol Physics 0.4 p
cand (Physics-Mathematics)
+372 737 5552
W.Ostwaldi 1-D504
Hilja Iher
Specialist for Air Monitoring 0.6 p
MSc (Physics)
+372 447 4604
Madis Kiisk
Associate Professor in Ionizing Radiation Physics (employment contract suspended) 0.2 p
PhD (Physics)
Helina Lipp
Specialist (employment contract suspended) 0.3 p
MSc (Physics)