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The University of Tartu's 2024 mentoring programme will start in the autumn. More information soon!



Mentoring programme aims to bring together our successful alumni and active students and thereby strengthen the community of the University of Tartu.

All curious, open-minded students of the University of Tartu who are willing to learn from the experience of successful experts are welcome to apply for the programme.

Alumni who are willing to share their experience and advice to contribute to students’ development and encourage them to find their path in life are welcome to participate in the programme as mentors.

We cooperate with the Estonian Chamber of Mentors. Alumni participating in the programme will have the opportunity to undergo a free short training under the guidance of a mentor from the Chamber of Mentors and gain the basic knowledge needed to act as a mentor.

Mentoring skills are needed for much more than just supporting the mentees – the skills help you become a better leader, cooperation partner and colleague.

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As a mentor you can

  • help ambitious students find their passion and reach their goals
  • get inspiring ideas from world-changers of the new generation
  • find a bright-eyed and enthusiastic trainee or employee
  • contribute to the professional development of future leaders

Cooperation can mean, for example,

  • giving professional advice
  • supervising the graduation thesis
  • inviting students to work shadow
  • offering a traineeship placement or a job
  • developing a career plan

As a student you get

  • practical advice from top experts of the field to help you reach your goals
  • an opportunity to participate in inspiring meetings, workshops and training courses
  • personal regular communication with your mentor
  • visibility and competitive edge on the labour market
  • an opportunity to find a job or traineeship placement

Cooperation can mean, for example,

  • getting professional advice
  • finding a thesis supervisor
  • participation in work shadowing
  • getting a traineeship placement or a job
  • developing a career plan

How does the programme work?

The intensity of the programme depends on the agreement of the student and the mentor. In order to work well together and achieve your goals, we encourage mentors and students to meet regularly, at least twice a month.

Before starting a mentoring relationship, the following questions should be considered.

Communication. How do you plan to communicate with each other?

You may agree to communicate by phone, Skype or e-mail.

Focus of mentoring. What are your expectations?

Think whether the focus is on professional advice, supervising a thesis, work shadowing, traineeship or job experience, or developing a career plan.

Before agreeing on the form of cooperation, we recommend that you think about and negotiate your expectations and goals. If possible, make an action plan that makes it easier to reach the goals you set. 

Frequency of communication. How often do you want to meet?

Agree on meeting, for example, once a week or once a month, or as convenient for you.

The mentor and the student do not have to live in the same city or even the same country because modern means of communication make it possible to maintain a mentoring relationship from different parts of the world. Agree on a mutually convenient method and time for your discussions.

Commitment. How long should the cooperation last?

We recommend maintaining the mentoring relationship from the first meeting to at least the final workshop. Applying to the mentoring programme requires that both parties are committed to the cooperation and to meeting the goals.

However, the student may have to take a more active role because top-level experts and managers are mostly very busy with work. The student should manage to keep the action plan on track and be a good partner, reminding the mentor of upcoming activities and making efforts to complete the tasks.

Further information:
Karolin Ossip
Estonian Chamber of Mentors,



2023 mentoring programme schedule

20.12–08.02 application period

09.02 16.15–18.15 introductory web seminar "How to begin?" for mentors with Ülle Susi and Annika Haavisto-Visnapuu (Estonian Chamber of Mentors). The seminar is held in Estonian.  

09.02 16.15–18.15 introductory web seminar for mentees “What is mentoring and how to benefit from it?” with Mare Aru and Kristel Lään-Saarik (University of Tartu Counselling Centre). Estonian and English groups separately.

02.03 15.30–17.30 seminar "GROW" for mentors with Ain Mihkelson (Estonian Chamber of Mentors). The seminar is held in Estonian. 

23.03 15.30–17.30 seminar "Career planning" for mentors with Kristiina Palm (Estonian Chamber of Mentors). The seminar is held in Estonian.

28.03 16.15-17.45 peer group consultation for mentees (Estonian group) with Mare Aru (University of Tartu Counselling Centre)

30.03 16.15-17.45 peer group consultation for mentees (English group) with Kristel Lään-Saarik (University of Tartu Counselling Centre)

17.04 joint seminar "The psychology of reconciliation" with Tõnu Lehtsaar

18.05 16.15–17.45 seminar "How to end mentor relationship?" for mentors with Ülle Susi (Estonian Chamber of Mentors). The seminar is held in Estonian.

06.06 joint closing seminar


There may be changes in the schedule or programme. All seminars are online.

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