ENLIGHT Teaching and Learning Conference invites contributors until 10 May

Contributors are welcome to propose their presentations until 10 May for the third ENLIGHT Teaching and Learning Conference that will take place in the University of Bordeaux from 11 to 13 October 2023. This year, the central theme is empowering students for tomorrow. 

The ENLIGHT Teaching and Learning Conference is an annual event that convenes teaching staff, programme directors, educational developers, students, and other stakeholders. Participants are invited to share their experiences and ideas on how to connect innovative teaching and learning practices with the ENLIGHT educational goals. The primary focus lies on developing the students’ autonomy, engagement, and self-efficacy. 

The staff of the University of Tartu is welcome to contribute to the conference. The possible paths of reflection are aimed towards empowering students: why should we empower students and how could we do that both inside and outside of the classroom, what is an empowered student like both in the present time and in the future, and how does student empowerment question teacher practises.  

There is a variety of possible formats for the contributions, from poster presentations and interactive presentations to workshops. The presentations and workshops will take place in the University of Bordeaux and proposals can be sent until 10 May via web form. Altogether, the University of Tartu can send 20 staff members and five students to the conference in Bordeaux (including people making presentations and organising workshops as well as audience). The registration for the audience will open later.

See more about the conference and the possibilities for contributions.  Read also about last year’s conference and the ENLIGHT network.  

Soome lipp

President of Finland Alexander Stubb to visit the University of Tartu

Jaan Vihalemm

Industrial doctoral student combines work and studies

Jaapani Yamaguchi Ülikooli ja linna esindus Tartu Ülikoolis

Representatives of Yamaguchi University and Yamaguchi City, Japan, visited the University of Tartu