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University celebrates Diversity Month

At the initiative of the Estonian Human Rights Centre, Diversity Month is celebrated in May. 10 May was Diversity Day. The university is taking part in the initiative for the second time. The month aims to notice and value the importance and exceptionality of each person, both in the work environment and in society.

This year’s Diversity Month focuses on the ordinary person – friendly, stubborn, smart, vulnerable, and diverse. The Estonian Human Rights Centre called people to share stories about the experiences and feelings they have had in their lives. Through telling and listening to the stories, moments of recognition arise that help us notice what people have in common and show that we have many similarities.

The Human Rights Centre received responses to the appeal from all over Estonia. The exhibition “Invisible Bridges” brings these stories to the audience in Vabaduse Square, at the Solaris centre and Balti Jaam Market in Tallinn, at Aparaaditehas in Tartu, and at the cafe of Vaba Lava theatre centre and the University of Tartu Narva College in Narva. The exhibition in the art gallery of Narva College will be open until 31 May.

During Diversity Month, university employees are invited to participate in an equal treatment training course (in Estonian) at Lossi 36, room 103, on 18 May from 9:15–15:30. More information about the training aimed at employees of the University of Tartu can be found on the intranet. All staff members are welcome to test their knowledge in the diversity quiz and play the Diversity Month bingo.

Last year, the University of Tartu celebrated Diversity Month for the first time. On 20 April 2022, the university signed the Estonian Diversity Charter to promote equal treatment and diversity. On 15 September 2022, the Estonian Human Rights Centre recognised the university with the quality label “Respecting differences”. This year in April, equal treatment support persons started work.

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