Time of occurrence
3 ECTS (78 hours)
Form of study
Entirely web-based
120 EUR
Ella Puman
Kadi Siigur
Study group
Program language
The course gives basic knowledge in higher mathematics. The student develops learning skills related to numbers and calculation throughout the topics and exercise types covered in the course.
This course is eligible under RPL only if the student has passed the course LTMS.TK.034 Examination of the course "Calculus" (LTMS.TK.033).
After passing this course the student:
- Knows properties of determinants, is able to evaluate determinants.
- Is able to solve systems of linear equations.
- Knows the definition of the function and general classes of functions and their graphs.
- Is familiar with the main properties of the limit, is able to find limits. Knows, what is continous function.
- Is familiar with the notions of the derivative, the differential; is able to find derivatives and differentials; knows the most important applications of derivatives.
- Knows how to investigate functions, when they are decreasing/increasing and curved/concave.
- Knows, what is antiderivates and how to find them in simpler case.
- Chooses suitable mathematical conceptions (formulae) for problems, and applies these conceptions while solving problems.
Ella Puman - PhD (mathematics)
Kadi Siigur - BSc, mathematics
Location info:
Learning environment:
Studies and teaching takes place in appropriate classrooms, which have the required teaching equipment and meet the health and safety requirements.
Outcome method:
no assessment
Document to be issued:
Certificate of attendance
Tax refund:
Registration deadline:
Additional information:
Julia Polikarpus,, +372 +372 737 6428
Program code:
General contact:
Lifelong learning center
Ülikooli 18, Tartu, 50090
+372 737 6213

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