Andrea Rotenberg

What is yours will find you: reflecting on my UniTartu Summer School experience

Hi, everyone! I’m Mihai, a fourth-year medical student in Bucharest, Romania, focusing on preclinical research and organising medical events. Flashback to approximately one year ago, I was a third-year student at the ‘Carol Davila’ University in Bucharest, searching the internet back and forth for summer opportunities abroad and getting disappointed that I had already missed the deadline for most programmes I came across.


When I first heard about the UniTartu Summer School, I immediately knew I was going to apply for the sole reason that I have a heartfelt connection with Estonia itself, as it is a country I have been to before and fits my personality perfectly. However, what surprised me the most about the experience was discovering how well the health infrastructure in Estonia is developed, a thing we have constantly noticed over the course of the two weeks we spent there. The course “Contemporary Diagnostic Techniques and Procedures” was interesting and well-structured, enabling us to discuss certain topics in medicine as seen from the perspectives of more specialities while also providing activities that enhance our critical thinking and practical abilities. The facilities the University and the Hospital provide are indeed amazing; from the simulation centre to meeting rooms, everything is very evidently student-centred. Moreover, the city of Tartu itself is like a sea of calmness in a bustling world, with great places to eat & drink, as well as very welcoming people and colourful street art. 


Outside of the hospital, the social programme that was provided lacked nothing - you always had something to be entertained by and discover more about Tartu and Estonia in general, as this place has a lot to offer! Out of the social programme, my favourite event was definitely the international night, as it was a great opportunity to show what our countries have to offer while also getting to taste food and drinks from Estonia and more than 20 other countries. Nonetheless, I believe the most important aspect of my experience has been the people I have met, as this summer school is a great opportunity to connect with people from 20+ countries, which I am keen to say I have remained friends with and whom I still visit abroad now. Talking about the application process, I found it rather straightforward and accessible to everyone, not to mention the scholarships you can apply for if you enroll in the course, which have been a great help. 


Overall, if you’re looking for an experience that combines discovering a new country and culture with personal development and improving the skills in your field of interest, this summer school is the place for you!  


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