4,339 new students start their studies at the University of Tartu

On Monday, 30 August at 10, the festive opening of the 2021/2022 academic year takes place in front of the University of Tartu main building. 4,339 new students join the student body of the University of Tartu.

In front of the main building, on the occasion of the start of the academic year, students will be greeted by Rector Toomas Asser, Minister of Education and Research Liina Kersna, Mayor of Tartu Urmas Klaas, President of the University of Tartu Student Union Katariina Sofia Päts and the first-year student of gene technology Lisett Sigur. The opening event can also be watched live at UTTV.

4,339 new students start their studies, including 2,620 at the first level of higher education, 1,539 in master’s and 180 in doctoral studies.

In her address to students, Vice Rector for Academic Affairs of the University of Tartu Aune Valk said that although both students and teaching staff have found that the university managed the distance learning well enough, teaching-related digital skills and the readiness to use digital solutions improved and several aspects of distance learning are worth taking along to the future, teaching staff members were most discontented with the lack of contact with students in the last academic year.

“We have seen over and over again that the university is much more than acquiring knowledge on one’s own. Communication, practical assignments, discussions between the lectures, being active in student organisations, etc. create the feeling of a university family and give students the experience that changes their lives. Distance learning is most complicated for first-year students. Therefore protect yourself and get vaccinated so that you could enjoy face-to-face learning as long as possible. If you feel lost, let us know, we can help,” said Valk.

President of the University of Tartu Student Union Katariina Sofia Päts also expressed hope to meet her fellow students soon in the lecture hall. In her address sent to students at the beginning of August, Päts said that in all ages, students have had the dilemma of whether to devote themselves to studies or to go to the barricades to fight social problems. “So far, our greatest heroic act has been sitting at home. Now, however, we can finally do something – if you have not done that yet, get vaccinated and encourage your hesitant course mate or fellow in a student organisation to do the same. Only by being together in one room can you really get to know another person, build relationships of trust and be inspired by each other’s ideas,” said Päts.

At the start of the 2021/2022 academic year, there are 14,652 students at the University of Tartu, including 8,880 at the first level of higher education, 4,547 in master’s and 1,225 in doctoral studies.

Further information: Aune Valk, Vice Rector for Academic Affairs of the University of Tartu, 526 7930, aune.valk@ut.ee