Diplomatic documents of Estonia and Romania displayed at the University of Tartu Museum

Today, on 13 September at 16, the Ambassador of Romania Călin Stoica opens an exhibition of Estonian-Romanian diplomatic documents in the White Hall of the University of Tartu Museum. Greetings on behalf of the University of Tartu are delivered by Erik Puura, Vice Rector for Development.

The exhibition is opened on a significant date, as 13 September marks the 30th anniversary of the re-establishment and reinstatement of Estonia-Romania relations. More broadly, the exhibition is dedicated to the 100th anniversary of establishing diplomatic relations between Estonia and Romania.

The exhibition is opened over the video bridge simultaneously in Estonia and in Bucharest, where the Ambassador of Estonia Ingrid Kressel Vinciguerra hosts a reception.

The exhibition was first presented online on 26 February this year. On that day 100 years before, Romania recognised the Republic of Estonia de iure. After that the exhibition was opened at the National Library of Estonia. The exhibition in the White Hall of the University of Tartu Museum is open from 13 September to 11 October, and will thereafter be displayed at the University of Tartu Library.

Further information: Sirje Üprus, Head of International Protocol, University of Tartu, 509 7117, sirje.uprus.@ut.ee