ENLIGHT invites participants to European Dialogue on digital innovation in health and well-being

The ENLIGHT network is organising the second European Dialogue in Galway, Ireland, from 23 to 25 May 2023, focusing on digital innovation in health and well-being. It is a networking event for both academic staff of the ENLIGHT universities and between the universities and enterprises.  

On the first day, there will be discussions about various issues raised by healthcare/medical companies, and the second day will be used for presentations and workshops. Participants get the opportunity to discuss possible educational and research cooperation. The topics include mobile health, assisted living, health analytics, health information technology, and data privacy.  

Galway, a city in West Ireland, is one of the biggest medical technology centres in Europe, with the University of Galway as one of the main pillars.  

Up to 12 scientists and doctoral students from the University of Tartu are welcome to take part in the event. The ENLIGHT project will cover the travel fees of the selected participants. Application is open until 21 March via web form.  

Read the full programme and about the ENLIGHT network.  

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