Estonian EconMin, University of Tartu to teach computer programming to young people

The Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications has concluded an agreement with the University of Tartu for carrying out online training courses in computer programming in cooperation with schools for at least 500 young people by spring 2022.

Minister of Foreign Trade and IT Kaimar Karu said that areas in which technology is not used these days have become scarce."ICT is no longer a separate field, it has become ubiquitous. Knowledge of and practical skills in IT benefit everyone, which is why we must above all introduce this field to young people, who are about to make their career choices," Karu said, adding that the initiative helps contribute to raising the next generation of specialists and cooperation partners who can continue building and developing the digital state. 

The minister noted that outside the traditional field of ICT, too, the number of roles is growing in which good knowledge of ICT provides a competitive edge. "There is great demand for people who have the ability to combine business needs and the opportunities offered by technology -- for people who speak both languages," Karu said.

Eno Tonisson, associate professor in didactics of informatics at the University of Tartu's institute of computer science, said that the training course will expand the range of choices both at schools where programming is already taught as well as in those, where the option is not yet available. People who are not currently studying at the school providing the course also have the opportunity to participate. "This course offers is a good opportunity to get acquainted with computer programming and thus gain some clarity with regard to one's further learning or career plans," Tonisson said.

The goal of the program is to provide instruction in computer programming to those who lack previous exposure to the field or have rarely come into contact with it. Eligible to participate in the program are all people aged 16 to 26, regardless of whether or not they are studying in a high school or vocational school. The program will run for ten weeks and end with a test. Students are supported in their studies through their school or over the internet.

The translation of the article "MKM hakkab koostöös Tartu Ülikooliga noortele programmeerimist õpetama" was done by The Baltic Times


Futher information: Eno Tõnisson, UT Associate Professor in Didactics of Informatics, 737 5431,