Futulab invites students to join project-based internship

Futulab, the university-wide platform for mediation of internship, invites students of all curricula to join an internship project of interest. Registration is open until 20 September.

Project-based internship provides students with project work experience and therefore, a labour market advantage. It also helps expand their horizons, bring them out of their comfort zone, and forces them to develop.

Project-based internship enables students to

  • apply their professional skills and knowledge;
  • cooperate with organisations of different fields;
  • expand their horizons;
  • make new contacts;
  • achieve real results;
  • earn 6 credits.

Students can join a project they are interested in at https://praktika.ut.ee/projektipraktika, click on the project and in the window that opens, click “Join“. Students who have joined a project are enrolled in the project-based internship course in SIS during the autumn semester. The project-based internship programme begins on 22 September with a workshop introducing the organisation of the programme, held at Narva mnt 18–1006.

Students work in teams and each project has a supervisor. Work on the project is supported by an e-course in Moodle and by internship coordinators. Students set a goal and draw up a project plan and schedule, using their teamwork, problem-solving, communication and critical thinking skills.

Project-based internship is flexible, allowing the team members to choose a suitable time, place and manner of working. In addition, working in a team of students from different curricula gives them an excellent opportunity to acquire collaborative experience and reach tangible results in their project.

Partners of the project-based internship programme include the University of Tartu Museum, Wikimedia Estonia, School of Economics and Business Administration, MTÜ Elistvere Loomapargi Sõprade Klubi, and the social enterprise Köömen.

Further information: Merily Heinalo, Coordinator, School of Economics and Business Administration, University of Tartu, +372 5649 5333, merily.heinalo@ut.ee