Highest number of applications in Estonia: more than 11 100 applications submitted during University of Tartu admission period

A total of 11 139 applications— 18% more than last year— were submitted to the University of Tartu during the admission period. Gold and silver medallists and successful subject contest participants submitted 1262 applications.

8125 applications were submitted to bachelor’s programmes, 2698 to master’s programmes and 316 applications to doctoral studies. The best secondary school graduates, the medallists, submitted 1079 applications, including 814 who graduated with a medal in 2015. There were 183 applications from those who performed well in subject contests.

Vice Rector for Academic Affairs at the University of Tartu Martin Hallik said that it prides the alma mater that the gold and silver medallists and those with top results in a subject contest decide to continue their studies  at the University of Tartu.

“I commend the future students for making the best possible choice. Studying at the University of Tartu is prestigious because only the strongest, most active and ambitious young people are admitted. Considering the current demographic situation, it makes me happy to see these applications and talented student candidates,” said Hallik and wished luck to the record number of students taking the entrance exams and the academic test this year.

The Vice Rector for Academic Affairs said that in addition to applications to the bachelor’s programmes, it is also important to consider the number of applications to the master’s programmes which was 400 more compared to last year. “I believe that a person has fully completed their higher education after finishing master’s studies where they develop a strong specialised professionalism which demonstrates quality and is needed in the labour market. It is good to see that people want to improve their professional skills by studying in the extensive programmes of the University of Tartu.”

The admission period for English curricula was in April and compared to last year there were about 70% more applications to the 2015/2016 academic year programmes in English—2132 applications, including 165 applicants from Estonian candidates. “This shows that Estonians are not afraid of studying in English and graduating from English–taught programmes is a sign of quality in an increasingly international society. The University of Tartu’s English–taught programmes are socially attractive and have an international scope which opens doors not only in Estonia but also abroad,” said Hallik.

10 most popular specialisations

  1. Medicine 766 applications
  2. Law 644 applications
  3. Physiotherapy 376 applications
  4. Psychology 327 applications
  5. Computer Science 319 applications
  6. Economics and Business Administration 306 applications
  7. Dentistry 271 applications
  8. English Language and Literature 225 applications
  9. Gene Technology 219 applications
  10. Computer Engineering 203 applications


UT Senior Specialist for Student Admissions Kaja Karo stressed that all admitted applicants need to confirm their choice to come to study by 20 July.

The University of Tartu will admit 2311 new bachelor’s students and 1357 master’s students for the coming academic year.

Important dates:
7 July—academic test
Until 15 July
—entrance exams (according to the admission terms of the curriculum)
17 July—names of admitted applicants published in the application system SAIS. Study places not filled during the admission period will be filled until 19 August
20 July—first deadline for confirming the study place. Student candidates admitted from 20 July onwards must confirm during 2 days
31 August—opening ceremony of the academic year

Additional information: Martin Hallik, Vice Rector for Academic Affairs at the University of Tartu, phone: 737 6201, 51 53 853, e-mail: martin.hallik@ut.ee;
Kaja Karo, Senior Specialist for Student Admissions at the University of Tartu, phone: 737 6391, 505 3468, e-mail: sisseastumine@ut.ee.

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