Join the University of Tartu Mentoring Programme

The University of Tartu Mentoring Programme is open for applications. The programme, created for the students and alumni of the University of Tartu, was first introduced in 2017 and is now for the first time also available for international students and alumni. 

Kadri-Ann Mägi, the coordinator of the alumni relations and the mentoring programme, says that the students and mentors who participated in the previous years have been very satisfied with the cooperation. By interacting with an experienced practitioner, students find new perspectives on their activities and ideas. Mentors, on the other hand, can get a better understanding of how young people think and what their expectations are for the employer. "Both benefit from the mentoring programme," commented Mägi. 

All the seminars and one-on-one meetings between mentors and mentees take place virtually. Therefore, the geographical location of the applicant is irrelevant. 

The mentor and mentee agree on the frequency of meetings and the focus of the cooperation. Some examples are professional advice, supervision of a dissertation, a job or an internship, career plan development, etc. 

The purpose of the Mentoring Programme is to create an inspirational learning environment for the student and to strengthen the community of the University of Tartu. 

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Further information: Kadri-Ann Mägi, Alumni Relations Coordinator at the University of Tartu, 5310 1610,