Kaleidoskoop finalists announced

The pre-selection round of Kaleidoskoop also took place completely online this spring. Student teams selected based on three-minute video pitches will have the opportunity to present their ideas at the business festival Startup Day on 27 August.

To participate in the pre-selection round, the teams had to record a three-minute video pitch where they presented their idea, its development and the problem they are solving. The competition received many videos, on the basis of which the jury selected three teams to perform at Startup Day together with Kaleidoskoop finalists of the previous semester. The finalists will present their ideas in the Kaleidoskoop Finals on 27 August at 10:30. Additionally, Startup Lab awarded two teams with special prizes.

Maret Ahonen, the manager of Startup Lab, was pleased that the Starter Tartu program teams are solving real-life problems and, despite corona restrictions, have found a way to test their ideas among potential users. "All the teams have shown extraordinary enthusiasm and deserve the opportunity to present their work on the Startup Day stage. This long-awaited opportunity will open up for seven teams, but Startup Lab is ready to advise all alumni teams, "said Ahonen.

Finalists of two semesters

In the last two semesters, seven teams reached to the Kaleidoskoop Finals. BerryBot creates a robot that uses artificial intelligence to pick strawberries, reducing labor costs and crop destruction. BreakingWork reduces the risk of burnout in life by reminding you to take timely breaks. Echo creates a custom packaging circuit for take-away food and thus reduces plastic pollution. Elora makes a Pokemon Go-like mobile app to inspire young people to spend more time outdoors in a playful and educational way. Eventive is developing an interactive reservation system for concert venues and sports halls, where the rooms can be displayed as three-dimensional models. Sorterman creates an application that teaches you to sort garbage simply by scanning the barcode, and TakeMyStuff creates a platform where people can securely rent each other's personal belongings.

Special awards

Startup Lab’s special prizes went to the teams PetLog and Pocket Tour. PetLog creates an app to track your pet's diet and weight, while Pocket Tour develops a virtual guide and adventure game app that makes discovering a new city playful.

According to Avneet, one of the finalists, the leader of the Echo, the Starter program reminded him of a quote by the Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa "Tudo vale a pena quando a alma não é pequena", which conveys the idea that nothing is worthless when the soul is big. According to Avneet, he simply came to the hackathon to share his ideas and thoughts but found a team and mentors here. "Without mentors and Startup Lab, we would never have come this far," said Avneet.

Kaleidoskoop is funded by the European Social Fund.

Further information: Martti Saarme, Communication and Marketing Specialist, Startup Lab, University of Tartu,5909 4726, martti.saarme@ut.ee