National University 100: new permanent exhibition on the history of UT “The University of My Life”

The new exhibition dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the national university will be opened tomorrow, on 29 November, and it will take the alumni on a nostalgic journey through the history of the University of Tartu, inspire present and future students alike and tell stories that will touch even those who have never connected with this institution of higher education. Inspired by the interior of the historical library, the environment and the fascinating stories spanning four centuries culminate in modern solutions.

The curators of the exhibition are Mariann Raisma, Lea Leppik, Terje Lõbu, Kristiina Tiideberg, Ken Ird, Virge Lell, Kaija-Liisa Koovit, Karoliina Kalda and Paula Põder.

The exhibition was designed by Mari Kurismaa.

Further information: Mariann Raisma, Director of University of Tartu Museum,, 522 1702