Andrea Rotenberg

Shailaja Mahara (India)

PROGRAMME: Master's in Software Engineering 

Why did you choose to study this programme?

I have been a software engineer for quite some time now, and it felt like the right moment to take my career to the next level. That's why I decided to dive into a Software Engineering master's programme. I was eager to advance my career and I saw this master's degree as an opportunity to unlock new professional doors. I saw the potential to step into more senior roles and experience significant growth in my career. I have also always believed in the importance of keeping my skills fresh and relevant. The tech world evolves at a lightning pace, and I wanted to make sure I stay at the forefront of the latest technologies and methodologies. Moreover, I developed a keen interest in blockchain technology. It's a field with immense innovation potential, and this master's programme allows me to specialise in it, which is incredibly exciting. The opportunity to undertake a thesis in this area within the programme was a major draw for me. It's a chance for me to immerse in research and contribute meaningfully to the development of blockchain technology.

Why Estonia?

Estonia, for me, was the clear choice since it offered a unique blend of opportunities that aligned perfectly with my goals. I have managed to connect with professionals from various corners of the tech industry, which has been a fantastic way to build a strong network. Another reason for me was the programme’s course structure, which covered all the critical aspects of software engineering while also allowing me to specialise in the blockchain. What truly sealed the deal was Estonia's groundbreaking work in blockchain. Estonia was a pioneer, becoming the first country to successfully implement blockchain through the Succession Registry back in 2012. That kind of innovation and progress is something I could not resist being a part of, making Estonia the ideal destination for my Software Engineering master's programme.