Survey: the University of Tartu Still the Most Reputable University in Estonia

The university reputation survey by TNS Emor assured that, for already the seventh year, the most reputable university in Estonia is the University of Tartu. UT was valued the highest by young people aged 15–19. The high level of education at the University of Tartu and the diploma’s value in the labour market were valued the most.

When people aged 15–74 are asked to name an Estonian university, the University of Tartu is the answer given most often (86%)—the University of Tartu was mentioned 5% more than last year. Also, the University of Tartu was the first answer for 52% of the respondents. 82% of the respondents considered the University of Tartu as the most reputable university in Estonia. The reputation of the University of Tartu was the highest among young people aged 15–19, among who are the applicants of the coming years. 

In comparison to other universities, the tight competition to enter the University of Tartu was brought out. “For us, this is a sign of quality because the entrance threshold at the University of Tartu is higher than in other Estonian universities,” emphasised Martin Hallik, the Vice Rector for Academic Affairs, and added that a higher entrance threshold serves the university’s main priority—to accept the best student candidates and by this ensure the high quality of studies which is a cornerstone of the UT.

According to the respondents, the reputation of Estonia’s highest valued university derives from the high–quality education, trustworthiness, and a diploma which is valued in the labour market and comes with the knowledge and skills required for work in the studied specialty. Also noted were the successful alumni of the University of Tartu, whose activity in their current professions also reflects the knowledge and skills acquired at the University of Tartu.

A wide range of people consider the University of Tartu as reputable, among them the number of people aged 25–34, people with a higher education, executives and top specialists, and people with a higher income is slightly above the average.

The TNS Emor reputation survey is the most anticipated survey among universities and for already the seventh year it offers a trustworthy reflection of people’s opinion about Estonian universities. The survey was conducted among people aged 15–74, from 15–29 April this year. There were 1014 participants.

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