We hope to continue in-class studies in the autumn

The beginning of the new academic year is two months away and a lot may happen in this period. We hope that Covid-19 vaccination is progressing smoothly but we still have to be prepared for the spreading of new virus strains and for new waves of the pandemic.

We recommend all staff and students who have not been vaccinated yet to do it during the summer so that we could start studies in the autumn as normally as possible. We promise that regardless of the spread of the virus, students will have the possibility to listen online to lectures for one hundred and more participants, if the specific course allows.

We look forward to welcoming international students to Tartu at the earliest opportunity. However, if travel restrictions or self-isolation rules apply, we are prepared to offer distance learning opportunities until 1 October in most programmes. All international students can also get a vaccine. There are sanitisers in all academic buildings, and we follow the physical distancing recommendations to control the spread of the virus.

We keep an eye on the situation in Estonia and give more precise guidelines about organisation of studies in the autumn semester at the end of August, before the beginning of the new academic year.

Further information: Aune Valk, Vice Rector for Academic Affairs, University of Tartu,  737 6201, aune.valk@ut.ee