Blog by ESTCube and UT Tartu Observatory opens the Nordic and Baltic space scene

The Space Travel blog aims to provide insight into the public and private space ventures in Estonia and the neighbouring countries.

The first two posts offer a throwback to the first Estonian space mission ESTCube-1, following the project from the start of the idea to the end of its operation. Associate Professor of the UT Tartu Observatory Andris Slavinskis is certain that sharing the story of ESTCube-1 is still relevant and inspiring. "The ESTCube-1 CubeSat was a trailblazing project for Estonian and regional space sector. Its impact is immense – we would not have gotten to the current ESA (European Space Agency) and NASA projects at that speed without the experience of building this tiny satellite," says Slavinskis.

The two ESTCube-1 stories give a more technical overview of the CubeSat and its launch. Yet, they have also captured the occasionally emotional challenges of young engineers when building something from scratch. In the future, the blog will not focus only on small satellites but present a broader range of topics. For example, the forthcoming posts will introduce a Finnish scientist's concept of a megasatellite constellation to create a settlement suitable for humans to the orbit of dwarf planet Ceres. Another post will explain why scientists are studying space dust in ESA. "Baltic and Nordic scientists and entrepreneurs work on a multitude of different projects. We aim to introduce the most exciting ones, while working with local artists," says Slavinskis, unveiling the plans for the blog.

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Additional information: Andris Slavinskis, Associate Professor at the Department of Space Technology at Tartu Observatory,

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