European networks call for full access to Horizon Europe for associated countries

The Guild joins other groups of research-intensive universities in Europe in voicing its concern regarding proposals to restrict the UK’s, Switzerland’s and potentially other countries’ access to parts of Horizon Europe.

The Guild, together with the German U15, the Russell Group, UDICE and LERU, urges the European Commission to reconsider its stance on restricting access to Horizon Europe, including quantum and space projects, to the UK, Switzerland and potentially other associated countries.
The UK’s association to Horizon Europe is crucial for sustaining the strength of European scientific cooperation. The signatories of the joint statement urge the EU and Switzerland similarly to find ways to enable full Swiss association in Horizon Europe.

The role of scientists and researchers in tackling the pandemic has underlined the benefits of cross-border collaboration, and the signatories reiterate their commitment to collaboration and the exchange of researchers and students across Europe.

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