Interest in UT’s English-taught programmes greater than ever before

This year, 2438 applications were submitted to the 20 international master’s curricula of the University of Tartu. The amount of applications filed by Estonian candidates increased by a fifth.

This year, 720 applications more than last year were filed to UT’s English-taught master’s curricula. For several years already, Computer Science and Software Engineering have been the most popular among both Estonian and international student candidates with 413 and 369 applications, respectively, and International Relations and Regional Studies with 285 applications. Of new programmes, Actuarial and Financial Mathematics and Innovation and Technology Management were most applied for. 

Rector Volli Kalm said, “Year by year, competition for study programmes in English becomes tighter and therefore, only really strong candidates will become students of the University of Tartu. I am pleased that also Estonian students help to maintain the high academic level of our international curricula. Their interest in continuing their studies according to English-taught master’s study programmes has increased steadily each year. The contribution made by the alumni of the University of Tartu is valuable for Estonia and its economy, and this is also true for foreigners who stay in Estonia and work here after graduation.”

According to UT International Admissions Coordinator Kaija Murasov, the number of applications has grown on account of the new study programmes as well as an increased interest in programmes which have also been offered to students earlier. She adds that the current situation reflects the electronically submitted applications. “In the first half of May, when admission decisions are made, we will know how many candidates have submitted adequate certificates of education and meet all the admission requirements.”

Applications were sent from 116 countries. In autumn it will be clear how many international students and from which countries will begin their studies at the University of Tartu.

Application for bachelor’s programmes in English, incl. Medicine, is open until 15 April 2017.

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