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The lighting artwork “Dawn and Dusk” on Toome Hill

On 25 April at 21:00, the lighting artwork “Dawn and Dusk” (“Koit ja Hämarik”) will be presented in the ruins of Tartu Cathedral on Toome Hill.

The author of the work is the Belgian lighting design agency Light To Light, represented by Fiorenzo Naméche in collaboration with lighting designers Chiara Carucci (Italy) and Alfred Sà (Spain). Inspired by Fr. R. Faehlmann's story, Nordic folklore meets a top-level lighting solution in the lighting artwork on the mystically beautiful Toome Hill. The artwork inspires viewers to interpret cultural heritage in a literally new light, while also encouraging innovative, environmentally conscious and creative development of the urban space.

The lighting artwork will be revealed in the ruins of the cathedral with a powerful light show “Shadows of Time” (“Aja varjud”) by videographer Argo Valdmaa. The light show uses laser light, projections and choreography to reflect the beauty and pain that the cathedral has seen across centuries. The 10-minute show is free of charge and shown to the visitors four times during the evening: 

  • 21:30, 
  • 22:00, 
  • 22:30, 
  • 23:00.

With the opening of the lighting artwork in the cathedral, the University of Tartu Museum celebrates the 800th anniversary of the first mention of the main church of the Bishop of Tartu. According to Mariann Raisma, Head of the University of Tartu Museum, the establishment of the Bishopric of Tartu was a pioneering event in the history of Tartu, which made it a European city. “During these 800 years, the cathedral has survived many ups and downs. Just like the city of Tartu, the cathedral is a survivor: the church, meanwhile left in ruins, got a new lease of life in the 19th century as a university library and later as a university museum,” Raisma said. “The soon-to-be-opened lighting artwork shows the power of the medieval church in a new light.”

On the opening night, a pop-up bar Ula is set up by the ruins of the cathedral. From 20:30 to 23:00, the exhibition “Art or Science” (“Kunst või teadus”) in the University of Tartu Museum and the towers of the cathedral are also open; the discount entrance ticket is 3 euros (free for children up to 8 years old).

The lighting artwork of Tartu Cathedral is part of the project “Toomemägi Revisited” included in the main programme of the European Capital of Culture Tartu 2024. The University of Tartu Museum’s project revives the historical heart of Tartu with light, culture and science. Toome Hill's local characteristics have developed over centuries. Nearby is the University of Tartu, which has been a symbol of both Tartu and Estonia for four centuries. Today, Toome Hill is a quiet park in the centre of Tartu; however, many more people could learn about its exciting story. Let us reveal the rich cultural and scientific heritage of Tartu and its residents in a modern way and bring life to the hill again! Come and see for yourself that Toome Hill is worth exploring – both during the day and at night!

Script, Director: Argo Valdmaa

Video design: Antti Aalmaa

Choreography: Mia Orm

Production: Ragnar Kekkonen and Oskar Harding

Voiceover: Nils Mattias Steinberg

The completion of the lighting artwork is supported by the City of Tartu, University of Tartu, SA Tartu 2024 and the National Heritage Board. The construction works are led by PVH Ehitus. The opening event is organised in cooperation with the Italian Embassy in Tallinn.

Further information: The Lighting Artwork of the Cathedral | Tartu Ülikool (