Lists of admitted students published: UT continues autumn semester with best Estonian students

On 15 July 2016, the lists of students admitted to the University of Tartu’s 2,342 bachelor’s and 1,417 master’s study places were published. 425 of Estonia’s best high school graduates, students who finished with a gold or silver medal, are on the lists, incl. 350 students who finished high school this year.

By now the applicants have received the first results regarding the UT admission. All those who exceeded the admission threshold were guaranteed a study place.

UT Vice Rector for Academic Affairs Mart Noorma said that the University of Tartu continues work in autumn together with the best students in Estonia. “The university is constantly making an effort to provide the best possible support for their student’s development. Looking at the lists of admitted students it is great to see that the young people believe in the world class teaching quality of the University of Tartu. After all, we are competing against the great European and world’s top universities for Estonia’s most talented students.”

The first date for admitted students to confirm their studies is Monday, 18 July. From there on vacant study places will be filled until 19 August.

The final results reveal that during the admissions period a total of 11,201 applications were submitted to the University of Tartu, which is 272 more than last year.

The lists of admitted students are published at

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