More applications than last year submitted to the University of Tartu during the admission period

The admission period for most Estonian-language bachelor’s and master’s curricula in the University of Tartu ended last week. Application for English-taught curricula took place in spring. In total, the university received more than 12,100 applications for admission to Estonian and English curricula of all study levels.

8242 applications were submitted to programmes of the first level of higher education, 3465 applications for master’s curricula and 405 applications for doctoral studies. More than 10,200 applications were submitted for Estonian curricula and more than 1900 applications for international programmes.

Similarly to earlier years, on the first level of higher education the highest number of applications were submitted for the curriculum of Medicine (629 applications), followed by Information Technology with 488 and Law (in Tartu) 347 applications. The tightest competition for student places was in Open University admissions: there are 9.8 candidates for one student place in the programme Early Years Teacher, 8.7 candidates for one place in Entrepreneurship and Project Management in Pärnu College, and 8.2 candidates for one place in Special Education.

An admission threshold, i.e. a minimum score which guarantees admission has been established for several first-level curricula of the University of Tartu; so there are already 1335 student candidates who have exceeded the threshold and guaranteed themselves a student place in the university. Depending on the curriculum, the other candidates have to either sit an entrance examination during this or next week or apply based on their state examination results. 

In master’s study, the biggest number of applications were submitted for three IT programmes: 363 applications for Conversion Master in IT in Estonian, 262 for Computer Science in English and 242 for Software Engineering programme. These were followed by the English-taught programme International Relations and Regional Studies with 214, and Marketing and Financial Management with 197 applications.

The most popular doctoral programmes are Political Science, Medicine, and Literature and Cultural Research.

The first admission decisions are made on 14 July. Admitted candidates have to notify the university of commencing their studies via the application system SAIS on 17 July at the latest. In case a candidate refuses the student place, the university offers the vacant place to the next candidate in the ranking list until 18 August.

From 24 July to 10 August applications are accepted for four master’s programmes: European Studies, Entrepreneurship and Technology Management, Strategic Management, and Service Design and Management.

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