Andrea Rotenberg

Nargiz Mammadzada (Azerbaijan)

PROGRAMME: Bachelor's in Science and Technology 

Why did you choose to study this programme?

There is a possibility to choose different specializations in the bachelor’s of Science and Technology. I chose Genetics and Biotechnology since this is the field that drives me the most. I have always had a strong passion for helping people. I believe that every effort counts. And being involved in the scientific industry is an outstanding effort for me. Exploring the natural world through laboratory experiments is an incredible path full of curiosity. During this programme, I can gain a lot of knowledge, which will fulfill my interest and expands my worldview. This programme is designed uniquely so that each student can participate in different aspects and fields of science, including chemistry, bioengineering, and genetics. There are a lot of interesting courses that helped me gain laboratory experience and clarify my passions for myself. Through this programme, I believe that I can contribute to solving some of the most pressing global challenges we face today, from addressing health issues to environmental concerns. This field holds the potential to improve the quality of life for people worldwide, and I am excited to be a part of that journey.

Why Estonia?

I chose to study in Estonia for several reasons. Firstly, Estonia is renowned for its high-quality education system; namely, the University of Tartu is the main reason I decided to study in Estonia. It offers a wide range of English-taught programmes, making it accessible to a lot of international students like me. Moreover, Estonia's commitment to innovative technologies particularly appeals to me as it makes things much more manageable, be it making a bank appointment, participating in online lectures, or even applying to internships and participating in interviews. The country has an inclusive and diverse community. Especially in Tartu, it is quite easy to get acquainted with the students from all over the world. Estonia is also famous for its reputation for safety and quality of life. It is one of the most essential factors that ensure a supportive and comfortable environment for my studies.