New centre of excellence brings together biology and engineering

In recent years, engineering has strongly made its way into biology, enabling to create systems with completely new qualities. Several herbs, fuels and medication are produced with the help of such technologies. The Centre of Excellence for Molecular Cell Technology, led by UT Professor Tanel Tenson, works in this field.

Professor Tenson described that biotechnologies are effectively combined with chemistry as well: “For example, a biologically produced ancestral molecule can be used to produce a medication through chemical modification. It is also possible to chemically synthesise chemicals which affect live cells specifically.”

The centre of excellence brings together research groups which have competence in modifying various biological systems and producing chemicals.

According to Tenson, the potential applications are creating innovative solutions for sustainable bio-economy, creating cellular biosensors and developing novel bioactive compounds.

The Centre of Excellence for Molecular Cell Technology is funded by the European Union Regional Development Fund.

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