New dictionary of genetics

On 2 October at 15, the new Estonian-English-Estonian dictionary of genetics is presented in the Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology (IMCB), University of Tartu.

The authors of the dictionary, comprising 541 pages and more than 7500 terms and definitions of genetics, are Professor Emeritus Ain Heinaru and Head of the Vivarium Sulev Kuuse, IMCB, both well-experienced textbook and dictionary authors. 

The Dictionary of Genetics accompanies the Estonian university textbooks “Genetics” by Ain Heinaru (2012) and “Cell Biology” by Toivo Maimets and Sulev Kuuse (2018, online version). The new dictionary includes terms from both of these, and is the first Estonian explanatory dictionary of genetics and cell biology of this size.

The dictionary is primarily meant for an Estonian user. An English-speaking user can find an Estonian equivalent and explanation to the term, but there are no explanations in the English part. “The range of users of this dictionary is broad, including teachers, students, research organisations, ministries, but also the medical and veterinary sector in the context of explaining personalised medical data to large target groups,” explained Ain Heinaru. “Our goal was to create common understanding of the terms for users from different fields, to create a certain clarity in the multiplicity of terminology,” Sulev Kuuse added.

The initial edition of the dictionary was issued by University of Tartu Press in 500 copies and it can be bought from the press for 17 euros.
The publication was supported by the Faculty of Science and Technology, IMCB and the University of Tartu Press.

The presentation takes place on 2 October in the Omicum building, Riia street 23, lecture hall 105.

Additional information:
Ain Heinaru, Professor Emeritus, Faculty of Science and Technology, +372 737 5012,
Sulev Kuuse, Head of Vivarium, Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology, +372 737 5060,