PhD students explain science in three minutes

For the third year already, the Estonian Academy of Sciences organises the competition in which public university students explain their field of science in three minutes.

“Science in 3 minutes” is targeted at PhD students of 2017, including spring graduates, and is conducted in a video format. Candidates are expected to submit one-shot video clips, in which they have to explain the topic of their doctoral thesis in as simple language as possible. The presenter’s oratory skills and creativity have an important role in introducing a complicated topic in a captivating manner.

“The skill of speaking of one’s research in understandable terms is a part of being a scientist,” says UT senior research communication specialist Randel Kreitsberg. “Researchers are more and more involved in public discussion and they need to know how to express themselves clearly to the general public. Today’s doctoral students are the opinion leaders who will comment on science on TV in the future, therefore now it is their last chance to test their skills in a constructive and developing environment, and to get experience and feedback.”

Three best doctoral students of the University of Tartu as well as other finalists in the contest have an opportunity to represent the university and their field of science at the gala show in the hall of the Estonian Academy of Sciences on 27 October. ERR Novaator will make a live broadcast of the event and the presentations of the eight best finalists will be communicated to those interested on TV, in the research portals of ERR and Postimees and in a printed publication.

All candidates are expected to send a one-shot uncut 3-minute video clip by 1 October to

Finalists representing the University of Tartu in 2016 were:

Kristi Krebs, “Why a medicine can cure one person but not the other?”

Ragnar Saage, “Nonferrous iron-age cast metal”

Maido Merisalu, “How to fight the invisible enemy?”

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