Students expect a forward-looking rector with management experience

The University of Tartu Student Council has asked the student body to express their ideas on what they expect of the rector. Above all, students want the university to be led by a person who is forward-looking and has a clear vision for both the society and the university.

Students believe that the University of Tartu can be a vehicle for societal development only in case action plans are made in the university which systematically develop the society. This concerns both the general development of the university and research, academic and business activities. The university is seen as an institution which is competent to critically assess the society and by its activities to develop such fields that are particularly important for the future. At the same time students expect the university to become more visible in the society and the rector as a spokesperson to contribute to public debate on important issues. “For example, if there is a public case in which the safety of a student is in question, the rector should be the one who sets the pattern by taking a clear moral position on what is and what is not tolerated in the University of Tartu,” said president of UT Student Council Reelika Alunurm.

Students also emphasise the importance of professional leadership. “It is undoubtedly important for the rector to have sufficient management experience, similarly to other public sector leaders. It is also important that if people assume difficult managerial responsibilities, it will also be taken into account in their teaching and research activities,” Alunurm communicated the students’ words and added, “Of course, it would be nice if the rector formed the Rector’s Office of the representatives of different faculties and competencies; this would allow attending to the specificities and needs of all faculties.”

Additional information: Reelina Alunurmpresident of UT Student Council,

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