University of Tartu sports hall wins EOC recognition

Estonian Olympic Committee recognises eighteen regional multifunctional sports centres, which stand out for their high-quality infrastructure and offer services and conditions that enable to promote youth and amateur sports in the region.

Member of the executive committee of the Estonian Olympic Committee, chair of the sports infrastructure board Riho Terras said that regional sports centres make a great contribution to shaping Estonians’ exercise habits. “There are many sports centres in Estonia that are daily committed to the goal of offering convenient and safe conditions for people to exercise and do sports. This way people are more engaged in physical activity and new top athletes can emerge in Estonia. By the EOC recognition plaque we want to inform everyone that we have noticed the work the regional sports centres do and that we value their contribution to achieve a stronger, healthier and more athletic Estonia,” said Terras.

EOC selected the centres based on the proposals of the county sports federations. In total, eighteen sports facilities were selected, 1–2 from each county. From Tartu County, the University of Tartu Sports Hall was awarded. All the eighteen multifunctional regional centres receive a plaque that reads “Sports centre recognised by Estonian Olympic Committee”. The centres are allowed to place the EOC recognition plaque on their façade and use it for ten years. EOC sports infrastructure committee will review the list of recognised sports centres in autumn 2019.

Additional information: Raigo Häelme, UT Academic Sports Centre, Head of Marketing and Communication, +372 5344 5686,