UT collects feedback to the Code of Conduct for Research Integrity

The Estonian “Code of Conduct for Research Integrity” is now available for public discussion and University of Tartu is awaiting feedback for it until 1 October 2017.

The Estonian “Code of Conduct for Research Integrity” has been created as a framework document applying to the entire Estonian research. On the basis of this document, the University of Tartu will later formulate and adopt their own code of conduct with respective rules of procedure; and agree on how to implement it; how to raise awareness about its principles; how to monitor the science scene; and how to intervene or deal with the cases of potential misconduct.

The draft version of Estonian “Code of Conduct for Research Integrity” was first introduced at the international conference “Researching with Integrity” (10.02.2017) in Tartu. Based on the feedback that was collected, the code of conduct has since been greatly changed and complemented.

You can send your feedback about the current version of the document by the 1 October 2017 to eetika@eetika.ee.

The full text is available both in Estonian and English on the UT website

The Estonian Research Council formed a workgroup back in the beginning of 2016 to put together the Code of Conduct for Research Integrity. The workgroup consisted of the representatives from the Ministry of Education and Research, Estonian Research Council, Estonian Academy of Sciences and other research institutions. The leading role of this process was entrusted to the University of Tartu, Centre for Ethics, who had previously started composing a similar code for the University of Tartu as a project funded by the University of Tartu Development Fund, on account of which those two initiatives were combined. University of Tartu has previously adopted a good practice of doctoral studies, teaching, learning and leadership.

Additional information:
Margit Sutrop, the Head of the Centre for Ethics, margit.sutrop@ut.ee
Katrin Velbaum, Project Manager, katrin.velbaum@ut.ee

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