The UT partial tuition fee coverage


The University of Tartu is offering financial support for motivated students. The University of Tartu is giving out 12 partial tuition fee coverage scholarships for students wishing to participate in the summer courses in Tartu in August 2023. 

The scholarship is a one time financial support of EUR 150 which can only be used to cover part of the tuition fee of one course of student's choice. 


This scholarship is meant for the students who wish to participate in the UT summer courses, need financial help with the course fee payment and:

  • cannot apply for other scholarships for other reasons
  • do not plan on applying for other scholarships
  • have filled in the application form for the summer course of their choice

The students who have not applied for other scholarships, will be considered applicable for this scholarship. If you apply for the ENLIGHT scholarship, DAAD scholarship or Estonian National Scholarship, you can also apply for the partial tuition fee coverage scholarship, but your application will be considered only after the ENLIGHT, DAAD and Estonian National Scholarship results have been announced. 


Application period:
15 January 2023 - 31 April 2023 


Requirements for applying: 

  1. The student must fill in the scholarship application form and present all the document necessary by the end of the application period. 
  2. Motivational letter of maximum 1 page (interest in studying in Estonia, how would the summer course benefit your studies/work)
  3. Transcript of academic records (must include GPA)
  4. The applicant must be a current degree student (BA,MA)

Please be informed that the application for the partial tuition fee coverage scholarship must be submitted not more than 3 days after your online application form for the course has been submitted.



The result will be announced up tp 10 days after the application period is over. For those who have registered, have been accepted to the course and apply for the scholarship, a separate payment plan will be made. The first half of the course fee payment must be done within 14 days after being accepted to the course. The second half of the payment will be made after the scholarship results have been announced. In case the participant receives the scholarship, the amount of 150EUR will be deducted from the second payment. In case the participant won’t receive the scholarship, he/she is expected to pay the full amount of the second payment. The participants who do not apply for the scholarship are expected to pay the tuition fee in one payment within 14 days after being accepted to the course.


NB! Please note that you can apply for more than one scholarship, but you cannot be awarded with more than one scholarship. That means, if you apply for Estonian National Scholarship and/or ENLIGHT scholarship and for the partial tuition and you will be informed about being awarded to more than one, you must choose which scholarship you would like to participate with. If you have already made a payment by the time of the announcement, you will receive a refund according to the amount of the scholarship and course fee payment plan.  


In order to apply for the scholarship, please fill in the application form. 

UT partial tuition fee coverage application


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