Viljandi Culture Academy’s new arts centre now open

On 4 September, the centre for arts of Viljandi Culture Academy was opened in the old anatomical theatre of the University of Tartu. The centre will draw the competence of the whole faculty into one unit and coordinate arts studies in the university. The centre offers interesting subjects and continuing education courses for all interested, including people from outside the university.

“Our aim is to reach the UT students and lecturers of all specialisations in order to cooperate and find ways how art studies can support students in their specialty studies and – by bridging art and different fields of science – create a fresh outlook and on that basis, cross-faculty activities both in studies and research,” said head of the centre Tuulike Kivestu.

The centre brings courses taught at Viljandi Culture Academy closer to the students of Tartu, offering them an opportunity to take part in courses, which were earlier unavailable to them because of the distance. 

The new centre gives an opportunity to all students and teaching staff of the University of Tartu and interested parties from outside the university to acquire new knowledge and skills and develop their creativity. In the autumn semester, more than thirty courses are provided, ranging from performing arts to cartoon drawing. In autumn a course in folk dance is opened jointly with Tartu H. Eller Music College, where participants can learn dancing skills accompanied by live music played by folk musicians of the Eller College and instructed by Eva Talsi and Kadri Lepasson, alumni of Viljandi Culture Academy.

Every year a prominent creative person of Estonia is invited to assume the position of UT visiting professor of liberal arts, a position belonging to the centre for arts. In the academic year 2017/2018, the professor of liberal arts is the renowned photographer Peeter Laurits, who conducts a lecture series titled “WILD AESTHETICS or how to describe a forest to digital hares” in the autumn semester.

To be able to better introduce the creative work of the UT teaching staff, students and alumni of the field of arts, also a small gallery shop is opened in the old anatomical theatre. 

More information on the courses is available on the centre’s website

Additional information: Tuulike Kivestu, Head of Centre for Arts, 525 8231,

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