Workplace peace essential for the university

As new facts have become evident in the case of discrimination covered in Eesti Päevaleht and Eesti Ekspress, the university has decided to initiate additional internal investigation and for that period temporarily reorganise the work of the professor in question as head of laboratory and supervisor of doctoral students.

In the light of the meetings held in recent days, including between the rector and the current doctoral students of the professor, and the acticle and editorial of 21 February’s Eesti Päevaleht, the university starts additional investigation and for that period also reorganises the professor’s work as head of laboratory and supervisor of doctoral students.

Rector of the University of Tartu Volli Kalm said, “At present it is essential for us to restore workplace peace and sense of security for university members and in the course of investigating the case we would also like to open a debate with students and employees, whether they have sufficient possibilities today to protect their rights and interests and from which point the university should start regulating private relationships.”

“The university does not accept any harassment, discrimination or unequal treatment and takes such cases very seriously,” Kalm added.

As the first step, there have already been meetings with the current doctoral students of the professor and with the student council, and different meetings with other employees are planned for open discussion of the topic.

In any cases of harassment, discrimination or unequal treatment, the university’s course of action is clear and unambiguous. The university has now got the Guidelines for Equal Treatment, which are used as a basis for dealing with any problems of equal treatment.

Additional information: Volli Kalm, Rector, 737 5600,