Estonian for Beginners I, 0 > A1.1


Time of occurrence
4.5 ECTS (120 hours)
Form of study
540 EUR
Linda Palts
Study group
Language acquisition
Program language
The purpose of the course is to provide basic knowledge of the Estonian language by developing four sub-skills (reading, writing, listening, speaking) through various activities.
Target group:
Foreign students
Upon completing the course the students will be able to:
- understand and use Estonian cases in singular, conjugate Estonian verbs in the present tense, use the imperative, use adjectives and cardinal numbers;
- communicate in everyday situations in the street, in a shop, at a restaurant and socialize in a group, talk and write about themselves, their eating habits, and express (dis)approval;
- understand and create elementary-level oral and written texts.
Linda Palts - Teacher of Estonian at the University of Tartu Institute of Foreign Languages and Cultures
Topic Credit Lectors
1. Topics:
Hello! Let's get acquainted
I am a student
My favourites
In the shop and in the café
My day
My family

Pronouns, verb conjugation in present tense
Grammatical cases (Nominative, Genitive, Partitive)
Semantic cases (Local cases etc)
Constructions: Who has...? Who likes ...?
120 Linda Palts

Location info:
Tartu linn Lessons take place at Jakobi 2-129.
Learning environment:
Studies and teaching takes place in appropriate classrooms, which have the required teaching equipment and meet the health and safety requirements.
Requirements to complete:
Participation in the lessons at least 80%
Outcome method:
non-differentiated (pass, fail, not present)
Grading method:
The course ends with a non-graded test
Grading criteria:
Passing the course requires completing the final test with the result of at least 51%
Document to be issued:
Certificate of completion
Tax refund:
Additional information:
Marianne Liibert,, +372 +372 737 5358
Program code:
General contact:
Lifelong learning center
Ülikooli 18, Tartu, 50090
+372 737 6213

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