Estonian for Beginners III, A1.2 > A2


Time of occurrence
4.5 ECTS (120 hours)
Form of study
540 EUR
Gerli Lokk
Study group
Language acquisition
Program language
Target group:
Foreign students
Upon completing the course the student will be able to

1. speak fluently about the topic "Me, Estonia and Estonian";
2. understand and use Past Simple and Present Perfect in oral communication and written texts;
3. speak and write about him/her hobbies and interests, using ma- and da-infinitive, mine-suffix and verbs "tegelema", "käima", "minema" and "tulema";
4. speak and write about his/her studies, education, profession(s) and plans for future career;
5. write his/her curriculum vitae;
6. understand and use Estonian cases in singular and knows the principles of forming plural cases;
7. compare adjectives and most common adverbs;
8. use locative cases correctly;
9. speak about travelling;
10. communicate in easier situations connected with travelling;
11. use conditional mood;
12. read dates.
Gerli Lokk - Teacher of Estonian at the University of Tartu Institute of Foreign Languages and Cultures
Topic Credit Lectors
1. Vocabulary and conversation:

me and Estonia;
my hobbies and free time;
education and professions;


revision of past simple and present simple;
present perfect;
usage of ma- and da-infinitive;
verb “tegelema”;
usage of verbs “käima”, “minema” and “tulema”;
constructions “õppima kelleks?”, “saama kelleks?”, “töötama kellena?”;
cases in plural;
revision of locative cases;
reading dates;
comparison of adjectives and adverbs;
conditional mood;
constructions in conditional mood (“tahaks”, “meeldiks”, “peaks” etc).
120 Gerli Lokk

Location info:
Tartu linn Lessons take place at Jakobi 2-102.
Learning environment:
Studies and teaching takes place in appropriate classrooms, which have the required teaching equipment and meet the health and safety requirements.
Requirements to complete:
Participation in the lessons at least 80%
Outcome method:
non-differentiated (pass, fail, not present)
Grading method:
The course ends with a non-graded test
Grading criteria:
Passing the course requires completing the final test with the result of at least 51%
Document to be issued:
Certificate of completion
Tax refund:
Additional information:
Marianne Liibert,, +372 +372 737 5358
Program code:
General contact:
Lifelong learning center
Ülikooli 18, Tartu, 50090
+372 737 6213

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