ENLIGHT invites to online lecture on health and digitalization

ENLIGHT invites participants to an online lecture on 8 February at 16:00 where three experts discuss how digitalization impacts a variety of aspects such as health inequalities, mental health care, or the documentation of patient records. 

Esther Metting, Assistant Professor at the Medical Faculty at the University of Groningen, will talk about how to reduce health inequalities by opening E-Health access for digitally non-skilled people. Michal Hajdúk, Associate Professor for Psychology at Comenius University Bratislava will give an overview of his current project IMMERSE that focuses on how to support individuals with severe mental illness to cope with the digital world. Josefin Hagström, a PhD student at the Department of Women's and Children's Health at Uppsala University, will discuss the topic of online access to minors' records. 

The lecture is broadcast live via Zoom and on ENLIGHT’s YouTube channel. It finishes with a short discussion, during which the audience is invited to post their questions in the chat. The lecture is followed by an informal online networking event for the scientific community.  

Registration is possible via the web form. Read more about the lecture and the ENLIGHT network.  

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Bachelor’s Degree Graduation Ceremony

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Master’s Degree Graduation Ceremony

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Elmar Gams

University of Tartu doctoral student won the Three Rectors' Scholarship competition