Introduce university life to a shadow

Probably not much time has passed since you too had to make the important decision of what to study and at which university to pursue your education. Perhaps you still remember the confusion and unanswered questions that made it even harder to make the right decision. No matter how difficult it was for you to decide, we are glad that you have arrived at the University of Tartu to study your chosen profession. 

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Do you want to lead by example and share valuable experiences?

Now you have the opportunity to help prospective students and introduce them to the degree programme you are studying. All it takes is the desire to help and the willingness to spend one day with a student shadow. Be a role model because you already have a wealth of knowledge and experience from university.

What to show a shadowing student?

  • Take them to a lecture, seminar, practical class or laboratory.
  • Introduce them to your fellow students and lecturers.
  • Show the university's most important buildings and dormitories.
  • Spend time with them.
  • Give suggestions and answer all their questions.


This one day can change someone's life and future, but will undoubtedly make it easier for them to make a difficult decision.    

If you have any questions about participating in the student shadowing project or have registered as a participant but can no longer take a student shadow, please email

NB! If you take a student shadowing you, you will receive University of Tartu memorabilia as a gift.


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If you want to shadow a student, read more here. 

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