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  • Study Abroad Centre (SAC) of UT offers a Buddy Programme to provide practical information to international newcomers and help them adjusting in Estonia and in Tartu. Ideally, the Buddy Programme could co-exist with our Tutor Programme. The difference between tutors and buddies is simple - the UT Tutor Programme matches first-year degree students with peer tutors (more experienced trained volunteer students), first of all, to bridge the academic gap for new first year students. At the same time, the UT Buddy Programme matches more experienced international degree-seeking students with new  international visiting students, who come to UT for semester or two to alleviate the worries and concerns the newcomers may have and help with first-hand challenges that moving from one country to another and changing academic settings may cause. We believe that the international students’ recent experience and knowledge is the best way to overcome these obstacles.
  • We are looking for the international degree students at UT, who are ready and willing to give a helping hand for new international visiting students prior to their arrival to Tartu and also at the beginning of their stay. Buddies engagement means consulting newcomers electronically, there are no expectations to arrange physical meetings or any other events. 
  • Do not be afraid that helping newcomers navigate all practicalities is going to be a buddy’s task only. The SAC and buddies will work as a team and the SAC is responsible for making sure that the information needed for sharing is well accessible, and it is still the main contact point for newcomers.
  • Thank you very much for considering this opportunity and joining. We are convinced that it will also help you summarising and reflecting upon your experiences and in the future, you can market your study experience at UT as involving both seeking and giving advice.

Registration form to become a Buddy

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