ENLIGHT network online lecture “Equity in Science and Technology”

The University of Göttingen invites to participate in the next ENLIGHT Lecture on 14 September at 19:00, where three experts of the ENLIGHT network give presentations on how different projects work to reduce inequalities in science and technology from different angles.  
The presenters are Professor Steven Caluwaerts from Ghent University, lecturer Julia Giese from the University of Göttingen, and Doctor Birgit Schmidt from Göttingen State and University Library. There will be talks on the VLINDER project, on the unfolding impact of social media technology and platforms, and on equity gaps in Open Science. The lecture finishes with a short discussion, the audience is invited to post the questions in the chat. 
The lecture can be followed live via Zoom and YouTube. There will be an informal networking event for the ENLIGHT scientific community afterwards.  
The registration is possible via the University of Göttingen web page. More information and the links for the lecture can be found on the information sheet.  
Further information:  
Tiina Jaksman  
ENLIGHT Project Manager  
International Cooperation and Protocol Office  
737 6167  

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