Equal treatment

It is important to the university to ensure the wellbeing of its members and guarantee that they have good working and learning conditions and are protected from unfair and unequal treatment. 

Acknowledging diversity, respecting the rights of the university members and promoting equal treatment contributes to achieving the university’s strategic goals, supports an encouraging learning and work environment and values employees and students.

The guidelines for equal treatment aim to provide an overview of the topics related to equal treatment and workplace bullying, give employees and students clear instructions on how to inform about a violation of the principles of equal treatment and describe the procedure of resolving discrimination and bullying cases.

Guidelines for equal treatment

The complaint form:

At the end of 2021, university adopted a gender equality plan, which is the first bigger step towards a wider and more systematic approach to gender equality.

The university’s gender equality plan sets four goals, the implementation and progress of which will be monitored in the years 2022–2025: 

  1. to enhance people’s awareness of gender equality and show its connections with the university’s main activities, i.e. teaching and studies, research and service to society; 
  2. to promote gender equality among staff; 
  3. to involve, in a balanced way, employees of both genders in governing bodies and decision-making; 
  4. to promote an organisational culture that values the equal treatment of all members, incl. improve the members’ awareness of equal treatment and sexual harrassment, and focus on prevention and solving of issues. 

Gender Equality Plan

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​​​​​​​On February 16 professor Toomas Asser was submitted as a candidate by the council of the Faculty of Medicine.